Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Last 2 Weeks

Holy. Moly.

I get the idea that child number 3 an easier transition that child number 2. But, the pregnancy? Oh, my. I have never been so tired. I'm gone by the boys go down for nap time / quiet time. Goodness.

Anyway, here is a quick recap of the past two weeks at the house. Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the green death - also known as...pollen.

{Week 1: April 1-6}

We had a great first week of April! We played a lot outside with new sidewalk chalk and bubbles (thanks Kristie!). Alex and Braxton (and his cousins) played at the McWane Center. Alex fell asleep during our errand runs. Andy worked on his writing. And, Jason and I finally had a movie night of our own in the comfort of our living room. Great start to April!!

{Week 2: April 7-11}

 This week started off on the obnoxious side. 

First, the boys got that wacky-no-reason-that-any-doctor-can-think-of fever virus. It was just a high fever. Nothing else. Super weird. Anyway, so because of that I couldn't have anyone watch the boys while I went to my ultrasound/checkup. I finally got Jason to stay home. I had already changed this appointment, like, 3 times. I was going to see this baby Monday, people. Not any other day. So, off I find this...

Um, what?! Yep. A fire truck. Sweet. And where are the firemen? In my tower the floor below where I was headed... Nice. When is my appointment? In 15 minutes... I ran into some nurses and found out that there was an equipment fire on the 5th floor. And the whole tower was shut down for (what we thought) another hour or so... ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?! Luckily, by 9-something, we were finally able to get to where we were going. But the elevators where booting up, so took the stairs. And, getting your blood pressure taken once you arrive after taking 8 flights of stairs is not good. Anyway, an hour later, I finally get to see this:

 Baby number 3!!! If you look really closely, you can see little arm and leg buds. Cute.

And later that day...we came back to the doctor. On the other side of the hospital campus for the boys' appointments. Where, magically, their high fevers disappeared. It would be nice if that magic portal would appear in a much more convenient the doorway to their rooms or something. Sheesh.

I had to take this pic. Bad day for BURGER King if that is all they have. Though, I wouldn't mind a Coffee King. Yum.  

Taking a day off from school to make sure Andy is better. 

Getting a car wash with yummy Sonic slushies. Those always make people feel better. 

Yucky, rainy day Thursday...

So we made paper airplanes and turned our living room into an air show! Andy LOVED it! He is pretty good at throwing them, too. He made his plane go really far!! Here is the paper airplane we made, if you want to have an air show, too.

That is it for the first two weeks of April. Next up:

Alex's 2nd birthday!!!!

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