Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

My gosh! I'm exhausted! Ok, not really. I went to bed early last night. But, still looking back at everything makes me sleepy again. Must be a pregnant thing, huh? Anyway, here is a look at our Easter extravaganza! Hope yours was fabulous, too!


Cooking day!

 I had two little helpers in the kitchen for some of the easier things. They are helping me mix up the deviled eggs here. We also got the ham ready for the oven, the asparagus blanched, the potatoes ready, and a timeline made for tomorrow's yummy eats! Glad I had some helpers!

Unfortunately, it was a stinky, rainy day so this was the highlight of the day. 

After everyone was in bed, I got the Easter baskets together for tomorrow. I went simple this year. Do you remember the baskets from last year? They are so great! And they go right back in the closet after the festivities are done so they can be used again. I, personally, can't stand those obnoxious store bought Easter baskets filled with that nasty plastic grass stuff. YUCK! Plus, the candy is always gross. Anyway, here are their baskets!!

Andrew is blue; Alex is green. They each got a Thomas Easter book and Easter story book (which the one in Andy's basket is much better - The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry. It's the story without the fluffy know what I mean). They also got sidewalk chalk and some new digging tools. Peter Rabbit Jelly Bellies!! And 3 eggs filled with those mini Lightning McQueen micro race cars. They love those little cars. Oh, and, of course, a super hero - Wolverine and Captain America. Why not? They also got two more books to share - The Tale of Three Trees (you must read this book - even if you don't have kids. SO SWEET!) and Jesus Calling Bible Storybook by Sarah Young. A few of the ladies in my guild at church really like the Sarah Young devotionals, so I have high hopes for this one. I read though some of it while at Books-A-Million and it was pretty good. There will always a few places for further explanation on different wording for general Christian books, but it is a great little book if you are looking for one. A story and then something to think about. Also, the illustrations are great for the little ones.

  All done and ready for Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!!!

 Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake for breakfast!!

We headed out to Jim 'n Nick's for lunch. Our Easter dinner will be at actual dinner time. For forever we had always done Easter dinner after coming home from church - both in my family and in Jason's. But, wow! I LOVE that we did not have to rush out of Mass to rush home and get everything done for "starving" people. This just make SO much better sense. Who would have thought?!

 Anyway, after we came home and the boys took a bit of a break from the festivities. They found their Easter baskets. I know, I know... what?! Not at the crack of dawn?! Nope. I don't think we have ever given them their baskets until AFTER church. Why more parents don't do this, I don't know... This is genius. 1) I don't have sticky children that I have to get ready for church. 2) They actually eat a 1/2 decent breakfast. 3) We get to church ON TIME - especially on Easter Sunday. Hello?! Less stress for Easter?? Yes, please!

Ok, bringing it back...

 How cute are these Jelly Belly boxes?! I always find them at Books-A-Million this time of year for 99 cents!

 Time for DINNER!!! SO yummy!!

 Everything set! And, yes, those are canning jars we used for our drinks. Awesome.

Hmm...wondering where the fabulous feast pics are? We were too busy having such a great time with our friends, Kristi and Brandon, that we totally forgot to get pics! Crazy! The boys were having a blast, too. But, at least you'll get to see that. 

 Egg hunt time!!! We held ours rained this morning so our backyard was mushy. Boo. Oh, well. They still loved it! 39 eggs...guess who found 23 of them? The big kid, Mr. Andrew! After a bit though, he started helping Alex and Braxton find eggs. Ok, actually he found them and put them in their baskets. Too funny. They are such great friends!!

This is the best picture I got of these 3 buddies. Kristi may have gotten a few that are better. But, they are cute, so ya know! Love these kids!

Well, that was our Easter! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their family and friends, too! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! Now, next year...Rachel, you and your family should head back over to Alabama for Easter!! (Oh, some background real quick since that may not have made sense why I said that...Rachel and Kristi were BFF growing up and while both lived here. After Rachel and I became good friends, I was so, so SAD :( that she was leaving me to go back home closer to family. Luckily, she intro'd Kristi and I before leaving the both us. We both miss you, girl!!! Big hugs!!)

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Miss you both terribly!! The pics brought tears to my eyes, but NOT enough to go back to that crazy state!!! :) Y'all need to come HERE next year!!!! :D

  2. Fun! We got Cars Cars this year too - my two year old is obsessed with them. And I love the "no candy" idea - I should totally do that. I don't think they've eaten anything but sugar this week!


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