Friday, April 26, 2013

A Week in the Sun

LOVING this weather! THIS is why I live in the South. Granted, I'm still partially dying from the tree pollen. But, this month is finally coming to a close. Thank goodness! We have been outside everyday this week enjoying the season's first popsicles, sports entertainment, and afternoons at the playground. It has been wonderful! How is the weather where you are? I hope you and your family are enjoying the weather just as much as we are. Have a great weekend!


This day was all about basketball
 ...and popsicles! The first ones of the season!! Yay!! Alex liked his, but wanted to try Andy's, too. Good thing Andy was fine with sharing ;)

 I love my family.


 And today was clearly about golf. Alex (top) looks more like a hockey player in my opinion with his little chunky, powerful self. And, Jason is pretty impressed with Andy's swing. He's getting him his first set of real clubs for his birthday - Shh!! Don't tell him! ;)

We also made a parking lot for dump trucks.

This was the only day this week (maybe ever) I felt absolute hatred towards the trees. I ran out of Sudafed and suffered the consequences for it. I couldn't breath. Couldn't sleep. It was terrible. Stupid trees. Finish getting your leaves already! Luckily, I had my little men to make me feel better :)
 Andy made me a bracelet from his wacky track LOL! 

News flash! If you have train lovers in your family and get tired of tracks not getting in the right places and are also tired of hearing about why you need to buy more pieces...GET THESE TRACKS! They are awesome! Thomas and Friends Wacky Tracks - they move to fit where ever they are needed. Awesome. Best track pieces ever. Get them. I found these at Books-A-Million, but you can get them on Amazon, too.

 Making dinner from my grandmother's recipe found in her church's cookbook - WHICH!! This was my grand-daddy's church! He was an Episcopal priest and was one of the coolest people ever when I was little. Miss him and love him! I'll share the recipe in another post in just bit.

 While I was making dinner, I heard the boys "taking pictures" and giggling up a storm. So, I was lucky enough to snap a pic. Not a very good one, but still so cute! Andy is posing with Tusker (the blue elephant) and Roary (the lion) while Alex takes a picture with a Lego Duplo block that clicks. Too cute. Love them.

After a great day at school and successful errand running, we headed to the park after pick-up time. 
From top left, going clockwise: Racing around the playground / Counting the fish / Climbing the rocky grass stadium seats / Alex taking it all in / Found a bug...and squishing it. Nice. 
 Alex running to bring me the coolest rock ever. 

All he needs is a skateboard, right?! Andy did this over and over again! Climb all the way up...jump all the way back down. Wore. Him. Out. 

See? Wore them both out! They are chilling while watching Wild Kratts. One of the coolest shows on PBS. I've learned a lot from it, too. Like, the groundhog is the world's (maybe just North America's) largest rodent... Again, never trust a rodent...even one that tells you the weather. Who came up with that groundhog 6 week weather business anyway? Lame. But, Spring is FINALLY here, so I'll stop now on that subject.

 More golfing! He may have perfected his swing by the end of the summer :)

 Getting some reading in - working on a few books a the same time. My mind may explode... 

 Tagging our fence. They realized that sidewalk chalk is also great on fences. 

 Our pizza-popcorn-movie night has turned into pizza-popsicles-sillypants night!

 See? Sillypants! Alex said, "Silly face!" and puffed out his cheeks and Andy is covered in a sticky wild berry popsicle mess!

 Two of the best brothers and friends on the planet. Love it!

 Looks like Max got a popsicle, too! At some point a game of tag broke out while eating popsicles and Alex lost his. No worries though...he thought it was hilarious that Max was eating it up. 

Well, that is it for our weekly adventures! Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are supposed to get some rain, but I hope not... Pepper Place opens tomorrow!! And, I really hope to get out there! Wish me luck :)

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