Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bit of a Mix-up

But a good one!

For Day 7 of A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge click here. Today's challenge was to clean out and organize the pantry. Well, I did that a while ago and it just isn't fair to show it off. It's fabulous and I'm not changing anything. So...instead of that, we did this:

Yes. We. Jason is fabulous! We went to Lowe's this morning and got a new shelf for this sad space. I needed another one. Everything ends up on the washer and dryer. Then, I have to pile everything n the dryer so I can do the wash. And, then move everything over to get to the knobs on the dryer. It is super. Super lame. We've been talking about another shelf for a long time and finally got around to doing it. I'm telling you it is this challenge with A Bowl Full of Lemons. That girl is a huge help!!

Anyhoo! This laundry room doubles as our mudroom so that is probably the reason why everything lands here. It's the first spot we go after coming inside from the garage. Max's food/water is in there, too. Laundry + Shoes + Dog = Very messy, very fast. I just didn't have enough space!

But, I do now!!! YAY!!! "Ahhhh!" Can't you hear the angels singing?!

Games are organized. Max's stuff is neatly tucked away, but with in better reach. Andrew's busy box stuff is stored nicely. 

The "laundry sign" is actually where it should have been the entire time... Paper towels can always be found now. Lunch boxes aren't thrown all over the place. I can SEE the knobs AND I can SEE the laundry detergents and whatnot. Ok, the before pic, you can see it too. But, I forgot to take the pic before I put things in the yellow bag to carry it all to the kitchen table to sort (I can see some of you going, "Yeah, riiiiiight." It was bad, I swear! Ask Jason.)
And, look! We actually have a much better mudspot (Since I dont really have a mudroom, it is a mudspot. Haha. That's mine. I just made it up. You can take it...but it is my word! LOL). And, look! That's a Beatles sign over our jackets that says "Woyak Place." That was from yeaaaaars ago. I think springtime 2006 when I  was still in college in beautiful Florida....ah, Florida.

Anyhoo, it is a day off for all of us tomorrow. But one more thing...

image from thepackerfan


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