Friday, January 31, 2014

One Snowflake at a Time {part 2}

If you missed Part 1 of our snowpocalypse, click HERE to start from the beginning. 

The next morning, it was rather odd (and secretly nice in a way) to not hear the crashing of toys followed by the sounds of squeals, yelling, laughing, and finally feet running down the hall to make sure we knew that the clock said 7 am. Austin was the only one who woke me up, and in all honesty...I was already somewhat awake. I didn't sleep all that much. It was much too quiet in the house. I could only hear the sounds of Max's snore coming from the closet and the white noise of the baby monitor. So strange.

It's amazing how much you miss the sounds that tend to annoy you...

I missed hearing Jason snore every now and then (though I can totally see him rolling his eyes at that statement...). I miss that sound that starts low from the boys' room as they begin to wake and it gradually, and rather quickly, grows louder as the sun shines stronger. It was weird.

Yes, Jason has been out of town on business trips. Yes, the boys have spent one night away from us when we were on a mini vacation a few years ago. But, this was SO different. Sure they were safe... But, I honestly had no idea when they were all coming home. I had no idea how they were all going to even get back. I knew it would be, hopefully this afternoon... But we still weren't sure. I hate not knowing. It is a terrible feeling...

Austin and snuggled a bit more before we both had enough and it was time to start our day. I cleaned the boys' room, made their beds, did laundry, and even started dinner in the crock pot in hopes that we would all be eating together tonight. I managed to grad a few pictures for the boys, too.

Out the front window / backyard just waiting to be played in

My sweet little helper
Throughout the morning, I was on the phone again with Jason and friends helping us figure out how to get home. A few hours later, it looked like my 3 guys were going to come home thanks to some wonderful friends! Jason got his car back and borrowed a set of car seats. Once everyone had a warm lunch, the adventure of heading home began.

When I had an idea of where everyone was on the road, I took Austin over to Crystal's and drove to the bottom of our hill on the inside of the neighborhood. We had hear from a neighbor that there were 123 cars (and counting) parked on the other side to meet them. As I hiked to the top, (not kidding...hiked. Hiked.), I saw the many neighbors and crews were out there getting the snow off the road with shovels. People were definitely going be with their loved ones soon!

Heading down the other die to meet up with my sweeties

My boys!!! My husband!!! They are here!!

Let's just pause here a moment and look at that picture again...

My family! I am SO happy that they are back home - safe and sound!

So. Very. Happy. 

Headed back down the "inside" of the mega-hill to my van

Have I mentioned that I can't wait to move? Never again will I live in a place that has a wannabe mountain of death that traps you like this... UGH!

The walk up and down the hill was filled with "I love yous" and "I missed yous" followed by how much fun was had during their adventure. I loved hearing their stories of hot chocolates, pizza, and popcorn mixed in with the occasional "How did you get stuck, mommy?" and "We were wondering where you were. But our teachers told us what happened to our city." 

Once all five of use were home, little bodies warmed up in the bath, and tummies warmed up with spaghetti and meatballs.... What do you think happened next?

"What out, Alex! I'm gonna get you!"

"No, I'm getting you, Andrew!"

Yep, the boys headed BACK out to play in the snow for the rest of the afternoon! And, I played with them too while Jason got some much needed rest and relaxation with Austin. We had an awesome snowball fight and made snow angels...

Angels... Yes, my family definitely had their guardian angels close by keeping them safe. Maybe it is silly...but, I've never had this sort of thing happen as an adult. Where you don't know when your family will get home to you...or how... I've never experience total chaos in a city like this before. Sure we had that tornado and that was frightening, too. But this was far different. Jason was walking over Red the snow and the dark. He told me that there were some cars still "driving" and that was scary to hear. Anyone could have  hit him. Thankfully, he got to the school safely.

We thank everyone who help us out (and those that helped others out, too) in getting their families together again.

I really hope this snow is over...or, at least, I hope it will be NOTHING like this again for quite some time.

Now, for a glass of wine...

Stay warm, friends.

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