Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wii Like to Be Silly

OK, this is only 7 seconds long, but it is so funny!! Jason and I bought the Wii Sports Resort and he is OBSESSED with the Swordplay game. He was swinging his "sword" all over the place and Andy thought that was hilarious. So, he of course had to copy (by swinging Tusker around all over the place). Then, Jason beat whatever stage he was on and Andy was very happy for him. Jason was pretty impressed with himself, too. I love my honeys!!

If you are having trouble viewing, click here.


  1. LOL, Jason and Zach need to have a sword fight!! Zach loves to do the fights with Grace but she loses every time and gets mad!!
    So funny!

  2. we should have a wii party!! that would be crazy!! but awesome, too. maybe during the comfort food party that im still trying to figure out :)


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