Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learning to Let Go

Something I do not know how to do...

After picking Andy up from school, he was so excited to see me saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Complete with big smiles and a high five. I asked about his day - "Good, Mommy." A little pause.. "Hotdog? Playground?" Sure.Why not.

As I make the turn to Sonic, I'm mentally rearranging the day, lunch plans, and how on Earth I go to a playground with two little guys. I ask Andy if we can have lunch at home and play in the backyard instead. He replies, "No. Playground and hotdog please, Mommy." Ok. Fine.

I am in jeans and it is 85 outside. I have not 1 stroller in the car. And two little people who have developed a mind of their own. Luckily, we go to the playground that is gated. Still. Last time at the playground, Alex was either in a stroller or the Baby Bjorn...

Everything is going great. Lunch is gobbled up so more time can be put into running about wildly. Andy has really grown up playground-wise. He used to just go down the little itty-bitty slides, play with the bells, or swing.

But no, that was cool for a few moments. This time he went down ALL the slides. I mean ALL of the slides.

I WISH I had gotten a picture of him going down the monster slide(bottom picture - giant red slide of death). But, I was praying the whole time LOL. Seriously. He went down the first 2 slides and, then, said, "Mommy, I go big slide, ok?" Um, WHAT?! I told him that is a really fast slide. He said, "Ok. I go." WHAT?! He lets go of my hand (he was holding it as he told me - it's like he knew that I was the one who was scared - um, which I was) and climbs the ladder, holding the rails. Climbs to the next level. Then the next level. Sits down and GOES! Not a care in the world. He just giggles and bounces the whole way down. OH MY. He bounced into the gravel and was a little shaken up about the landing, but went running off to the next thing. Like it was NO BIG DEAL.

But, that's how things should be, right?

You have to learn to let go of things. From a little person who is holding your hand telling you he's about to take the ride of his 2 year old life to the even smaller things things that stress you out on a day-to-day basis. Just let go. Who care if it is a bumpy ride and/or the outcome isn't exactly how you planned. Just have fun. Let go and have fun.

Amazing what you learn at the playground, huh?

Can I just tell you...I was about to cry when he was coming down the mega slide. I hope he had no idea that I was inwardly freaking out about the possibility of going to the ER. I is just a slide for crying out loud. But that is a huge slide. I was also about to cry because I was so proud of him for going down the "big boy" slide.

That is what he is though, right? A big boy.

Anyway, we had a fun rest of the afternoon at the playground. Alex really enjoyed it, too!

 Climbing to the top 

 So silly! I have no idea what this face is about!

 Mountain man - he used to be nervous here, too.

Being silly with Mommy and Alex

 Enjoying the swings :)

Another mountain climber to-be. 

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  1. Heather~ Your boys are darling! If there is one thing that I've learned in life ... it's that children are the b-e-s-t teachers!

    Thanks for posting on Pay It Forward!


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