Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Cute Convos, VBS, Outings & Growing Boys


I love listening to the conversations that take place during dinner. Typically, I ask Jason the daily, "How was work?" question or the "Boys, tell Daddy what you did today!" intro into the dinner chat. Well, Alex has really gotten into asking Jason about work and stuff. It is hilarious - so cute! 

"How's work, Daddy?"
"What you do today?"
"Did you play on the computer?"
"Do you play with your daddy friends?"
"Did you play soccer ball at work?"

 Adorable! Of course, Jason explains that he doesn't actually play on the computer...or that he gets to play at all really. Alex will ask why and everything, too. It is just too cute! Love it!


Vacation Bible School. Yes, this was Andrew's first year attending our church's VBS program! I had volunteered the past 2 years, but decided to just let Andrew take this one on his own without "mama interference" and whatnot. He said the first day was "so long" (yet it was only 3 hours instead of a regular school day of 6 hours...) but, he changed his mind about it as the days passed. He loved the "weird animals" and the crafts that taught bible verses and the music he would sing at home (but not at school, of course). He came home with some very cute dog tags that showed the animal of the day with the bible verse on the back. Very cute. 

Picture given to parents at the end of the week - so sweet :)

Outings with Mama. While Andrew was at VBS, Alex chose a bunch of things that he wanted to do with Austin and Mama. And, wow! We got a lot done in a short amount of time! I think we were at the library every day this week except Thursday when we were at a friends house. Actually, no. I take that back. Andrew asked to go to the library after VBS that day. Ok, so we were there every day this week! Crazy, but fun!

Tuesday was pretty cool. It is Dairy Month, in case you were wondering. So, the library had the Mobile Dairy Farm come teach the kids about cows and such. Awesome. I love cows! Alex and Austin were pretty impressed, too. Alex got a freebie - actually, two! - for attending this event. The first was a Dairy Farmers cup (which my sweet boy asked for another for Andrew because "he at school right now"), the other was super yummy ice cream. The best part of the cow, I hear!

On Wednesday Alex decided that the Art Museum was the next best thing to go see. And, we had a LOT of fun! We basically had the whole place to ourselves. Why more people don't go there, I have no idea... It is free. The parking is FREE. And, there is an amazing hands-on area for the littles in your life. That is enclosed. And, I believe sound-proofed... What more could a mom want?? 


7 months old. Yet, he thinks he is already 2 or something. Austin is now 100% a crawler... Oh, but wait - he is also a sofa cruiser. Are. You. Serious. Yes, Andrew and Alex both were walking at 10 months... But, they weren't doing this cruising business until, like 8 months - maybe 9. Ugh! 
Also, last month he was NOT a happy camper. At all. Screaming mad. Well, silly mama. Wanna know why? The child popped out 6 MORE teeth in about a week's time. Yes. My child now has 8 teeth. Oh, my. And, LOVES to eat with them, too!

Thinks he is a big kid, this one... :)


When did he grow up? I'm trying to figure it out. Time. I am trying to figure out time. Why does it fly by? It is NOT entirely true that time flies when you are having fun. That is only part of it. Time flies when you also a busy mama of 3 busy boys. Or a mama in any sense of the word... Andrew will be 5 years old in the fall. Really?? He is growing up to be such an amazing kid.  Everything he does amazes me (Yes, even when he is grouchy. I just don't see it at that current moment...). His new thing is reading. Yep. He can spot out all kids of words. I am reading the Tree House books to both big boys now and he stopped me to say, "Hey! I know that word!" before I even got to that sentence. I'm guessing he will be reading by the time he starts K4. Reading those Level 1 readers and such, of course. 

Listening to come read-along stories


Rainbows. It was sunshiny in the kitchen and all of a sudden it was pouring! I ran to the boys room to tell them to be on the lookout for a rainbow because of the sunny rain. About 5 minutes later, they were giggling and squealing from their room. They found their rainbow! And, of course, when you find a rainbow, that means there is treasure. Well, they believe that there is the gold at the end of the rainbow. I'll let them keep on believing that for now. I mean, we will all find the treasure soon enough. Mine just comes in the form of 3 tiny boys.

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  1. Looks like such a fun week! We have a free art museum in our town, too, and I've just been thinking that I should take my kids there!


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