Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lazy May Days

While I am working on the boys "Year Books" - organizing pictures and such, here's a look at what we have been up to during these lazy days of May. Enjoy!

 We kicked off May with one of best friend's birthday parties! 

 Austin has decide that he is definitely a big kid...

...and can drive a car. 

We had MANY wonderful days of sunshine! Which, of course made for MANY great picnics!

 Peanut butter and honey? Yes, please!

Lunch with a best friend? Absolutely!

Dinner outside, too? Why not?

Of course we had MANY bike rides, as well. 

 Sometimes just after breakfast to beat the heat.

Or just after dinner to beast the heat (but i won't complain...not after our winter...)

And, when we aren't eating outside or riding bikes, the boys are in the sand box.

Or enjoying the heat from the inside:

 He's my little kitten :)

 Hope everyone is having an awesome start to their summer!!

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