Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Snowflake at a Time {part 1}

This has been an interesting turn of events for Alabama. This morning, bright and early at 5:30, I'm enjoying coffee and quiet while I continue praying for peace (I was told to pray for that instead of patience) each day. I turn on the news before deciding to get the boys ready for school. While I notice that just a few surrounding counties (mainly south) decided to delay school, there was no report of anything headed our way or schools delayed. So, off we went to start our morning.

Breakfast, clothes on, bags double checked (mine, theirs and the babies), papers all checked and ready to be returned to school, mail stamped, etc. The works.

We said our goodbyes to Daddy and headed out. The boys were cracking me up with their backseat driving (post on that shortly) and all of Birmingham was up and out ready for they day's work, errands, and whatnot.

I almost headed over to Babies R Us...but since they don't open until 10 (lame, by the way...) Austin and I headed home.

After getting him down for a nap, me some more coffee, and a few posts written and scheduled I let Max out and saw it...

Snow was falling.

And, I don't mean the kind that you wonder "Well, is that really snow? Or just sleet?"

No. It was snow. Big. Enormous flakes falling.

And sticking.

At 10:28 am, just moments later, I got the text, email, and phone call from school to come get your children due to the weather. Oh, happy day. I live 20 minutes from the school and they were letting out the little preschoolers in 5 minutes (not much notice...but, then again. NO one in the area had any idea this was going to happen) I grab Austin, a bottle to warm up in the car on the way, my bag, and a few items "just in case."

Just before jumping in the van around 10:45am

 Well, if you have been to or have seen my neighborhood before...

3 years ago
 Yeah. We live in either Whoville or Harry Potter's Village (which one, you think?). I made it 2 feet up the monster hill of death and destruction. So did my neighbor behind me. And, the FedEx truck...I don't think he even tried. I slid sideways down the hill. But, made it back home safely with Austin. Fun.

I begin the frantic calls to Jason, school, teachers, other parents, my mom, everyone. I was on the phone ALL. DAY. Calling friends, my husband, the school, my family... Freaking out one snowflake at a time.

still snowing around 1:30 pm

I'm watching the news while on the phone with people. They are talking about kids who are stuck at the schools and the possibility of massive school sleepovers. I love the boys school and trust the teacher and staff greatly. But, just that thought was so strange. My boys are 4 and 2.5 years old. They are so little still. Sure, Andrew acts like this big kid. And Alex does everything for and with Andrew with that brotherly sparkle in his eyes. But, this snow and ice is horrible and was drastically changing our city rather quickly. Very scary.

Jason left work around 3pm and started working his way over to the school...another scary though. The snow stopped by the temperature is dropping. Fast. Everything is iced now. Cars and trucks are crashing all over the place...

Death Trap aka Hwy 280


Anyway, around 7pm I saw pictures and messages from Andrew's teacher and the kids there (about 40 or so plus staff and some family member that tried to get home but had to turn back) were doing great. Having hot chocolate and making this into a party. I heard from Alex's teacher, too. His class played in the snows on the playground a few times and are all having a blast. Phew! No worries there. This school is amazing. We just love it!

Around 8:30 pm, maybe earlier - all these times are running together now, Jason was safely at school with the boys.

Though...without his car. He left it at a restaurant and WALKED over the MOUNTAIN..ok, fine. Hill. But it is called Red "Mountain" so, ya know. It's a mountain. He thankfully had his protective gear he uses when he goes to steel mills and such around town. He put that stuff on and trekked on over. About 2 miles. In the freezing cold. To get to our boys. I love that man... He was planning to stay at the school, too. I called a few other friends - one offered her home to us as she was stuck at a hotel downtown (but he had no car or car seats or anything and it was another mile or so of walking with two tiny tots) and another sent her husband out to "rescue" them. Thankfully, they all had a warm home and beds to sleep in for the night. I love our friends so much!! Thank you, everyone!!

Once they were safely at their friend's home, I got to talk to the boys finally and say good night. They are so funny. Andrew told me all about the puzzles and hot chocolate. He also told me to hurry up and get to their friend's home to play in the snow before it melts. LOL, oh, honey...this snow is stuck her for a few days with these temperatures... Alex told me that was having a "cool day" playing "all day forever at school." Oh my... My sweet babies...

loving the fire

Please keep our family and friends in your prayers. Please pray for those stranded in this weather and the emergency services working hard. Please pray for the children and their families still stuck at school away from their homes. Please pray for our city to get through this mess. 

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