Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Cone of Shame

If you have little kids or have a sweet spot for Disney movies, then you probably saw Up a bit ago. If not, go rent it (is that still the term to use?). Super cute movie! Here's a quick clip to see where I'm going with this:

Anyway, our sweet mini schnauzer, Max is about 12..13...? We aren't 100% on his age as he was a rescue from Schnauzer Love Rescue back in 2008. They said he was 3. Papers said 5. We took him to the vet once we brought him home and suddenly he is 7. Funny, huh? I know dogs age faster and all, but wow! We love him bunches, so whatever! :)

A few weeks ago our allergy season took a toll on ALL of us. Our normal meds weren't working for anyone. Absolutely ridiculous. But, poor Max suffered the most maybe. Poor puppy... He was scratching like crazy and the next thing you know I had to take him to the vet because he could barely walk - he was THAT itchy!

After a trip to the vet (while racing another round of storms the next day...), he was given a bunch of meds, some allergy pills, and this:

The Cone of Shame...

Poor Max...

Even Austin was not a fan...

Let me tell you a story about these two stinkers. The above 2 pictures I took about 15 minutes after we got home. This last one was taken about an hour later. I told Austin "no no" but, of course, he is 6 months old.. I told Max "no no" and he did the slow walk sadly out of the room. While I was fixing dinner, I can hear the cone being messed with by someone - who I wasn't sure. But, I found out.

Mr. Max has really kept his distance from the bigger boys since they started crawling. But once he figured out that the tiny human could possible take that stupid thing off, maybe he will hang out with him more. Austin was pulling and pulling with all his might. And Max - who would have either gotten annoyed rather quickly or ran or growled or something at the other two - pulled in the opposite direction!! WHAT?!


No, Austin was not able to get the cone off and Max was sent to his little bed in our room until further notice.

Weeks later, Max is 100% and Austin is now all over the house most days. But, Max has started to stay closer to Austin. I guess they formed a bond. So sweet. 

Those cute stinkers of mine...

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