Friday, May 2, 2014

Rewind: April 14-20 {Easter Sunday}


Looking for Waldo after dinner


Some bunny loves it when I make shaped sandwiches... Happy Easter Lunch :)


"I think I can. I think I can."
He wants to crawl SO bad...

A million toys and they all want the stacking cups. So funny!!

Down at my parents house for Easter! And, of course, our trip would not be complete without a round or two of Catan! 

Good times! My husband's face of on the left. Then it is Brendan, Christopher, William, and Sean. Four our of five brothers...and, yes, they are all now taller than me. Oh, dear. 

Easter baskets after Mass! I love how Austin is practically IN his basket! We made them very simple this year as we had a lot from grandparents. 
Andrew and Alex both got a set of Micro Planes, sidewalk chalk, and M&M minis
Austin got a new toy - a sweet little monkey.

Egg hunt time!! Since the boys are still small and everything is a competition these days. My mom had a super awesome idea to get the same number of eggs for the boys in their colors. Perfect! No fighting over who got to what egg first, no sad faces because they didn't "win", etc...They loved it!! They even helped each other out in finding their eggs! So cute!!

Happy Easter, everyone!! We hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

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