Thursday, July 3, 2014

End of June Photo Dump

Fun times at the House as June came to an end!

{from left to right}
1. Andrew loves the Lego store!
2. Austin working on his "big boy" cup
3. Alex and Andrew loving the water on a hot, hot day
4. Andrew and his latest Lego creation
5. Mega play date fun at our house with a bunch of friends
6. Alex and Andrew having a treat at Target
7. Andrew and Alex trying out some peaches from the Farmers Market
8. Andrew and Alex making the beans for Taco Tuesday! (yes, we have watched the Lego Movie quite a bit here!)

{from left to right}
1. All three boys having a blast with the toy explosion in the living room
2. Our Farmers Market goods
3. Alex and Austin having cheerios and watching Saturday morning cartoons
4. Birthday wine and Batman cupcakes! What more could a girl ask for! Love it! (Thanks Amanda, Gerald and Baby Lucas!)
5. Andrew being silly in the pillows
6. Austin still loves falling asleep in my arms
7. Picnic at the park after Mass
8. Mornings in the summer are the best - we have shade for quite a while!
9. Mark, my father-in-law, replacing our trashed garbage disposal and dishwasher hose - Thank you!

What a month!! How was you June?

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