Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mr. Mischief

Yep. Mr. Mischief. That's his name alright.

I leave the room for 5 seconds and I can't find him. When I have found him...where is he?

In the big boys' room.
Under the coffee table.
Behind his daddy's blue chair.
Under the end table.
In our room with the door shut.
Under the other end table.
In the laundry room with the door shut.
Some other room with the door shut.

Yes, it is safe to say that any door that can be shut is now ALWAYS shut.

We have entered that stage of life again where anything that can be messed with, gotten into, torn apart, or destroyed by a tiny boy who has become an explorer WILL be touched.

Wears. Me. Out.

Much more so than with the other ones. Maybe because I have the other ones.

Yes. It is because I have the other ones. He MUST do everything that they do - even if he can't just yet. Like that picture above. Alex was up before Andrew and wanted cheerios. So did Austin. I went to put him in his highchair...oh, no! Screamed bloody murder when I tried that. Back arched and all. "Don't put me here, mama!" Sheesh. Fine. So, Alex said, "He wants to sit with me and have cheerios." Ok...he doesn't know how to do that. But, we will try. Sure there were cheerios everywhere, but it silenced the small one. All was well again.

This little guy is only about to be 9 months old. And, he is certainly making himself knows around here.

He no longer wants baby food. He wants what he can see on my plate or what the boys have.

He doesn't want those stinky baby toys. He wants big boy toys.

He doesn't want to play in the living room. He wants to be in the big boys room (because that is where the big boy toys are located...)

He is SO funny! He definitely knows what he wants and how to get it!

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  1. How cute! So funny how he thinks he's a big boy now. Lincoln is so similar except he doesn't have any big brothers to imitate but he sure thinks he isn't a baby anymore :)


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