Thursday, July 31, 2014

Morgan Creek Vineyards {Play Date Outing}

What's better than a play date with awesome friends?

A play date with awesome friends at a VINEYARD.

Morgan Creek Vineyards to be exact. And what an awesome place!! Absolutely beautiful!

A bunch of us headed over there last week to pick blueberries with the kids. Of course, we also did some wine tasting. And, yes, made quite a few purchases. Local wine is the best wine. After that, I just can't go back to these big box wines. I'm trying go more local anyway with my purchases. What better place to start?


 How I missed getting a pic of Alex and Austin...I have no idea. 
Darn! Guess we will have to go back!

 Lovely goodies!

 Amazing wines!

 This is how you cool off after a hot day of picking blueberries in the southern late-July sunshine!

Silly boys!

 Cooled off and ready to work...or sneak a few blueberries ;)

 YUMMY! A gallon worth of goodness!

Here are a few recipes I plan on trying out in the next couple weeks:

Have a great week!!

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