Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Eve & Morning {In Pictures}

Note: There was a LOT of throwing of paper, jumping, etc... Maybe I should use "sport shot" next year! Haha!

Christmas Eve = Pajama day!

Puzzle fun

Time for Christmas the witching hour of 4pm... We say it every year that we wont do that again. Yet, here we are. Haha! Maybe next Christmas we will go at a better time!

Milk and Cookies are out! Come on, Santa!!

Of course, I had to do proper North Pole packaging, according to Andrew and Alex... Did you know it is hard to find BASIC red and white stripe paper?!
While eyes wake up, Jason reads from Luke :)

Batman hat from Andrew to Alex

NOTE: I Get "AWESOME WIFE OF THE YEAR AWARD" for that one.... I am NOT an Alabama fan. That one is. And, I love him to death so I did it. War Eagle.

Checking out the new threads...
Austin taking it all in

This is my box. I shall claim it by sitting on top of it before ripping it open. LOL

Wondering what that "battle plan" was that Andrew asked Santa for?? Here it is! Santa, also brought that Wizard's Tower :) 

Checking out the Christmas loot
Showing off all the goods - Alex with his Batman Robot, Andrew got the Wizard Castle/Battle Plan, and Austin has an airport and a bunch of things to go with it. Super fun times ahead!!

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Austin loves his new BabyLit book! His Christmas Carol one is about to be put away soon...

Oh what fun!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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