Thursday, January 1, 2015

"This is the Express!"

Probably about 2 years ago now, the boys began their obsession with trains - specifically The Polar Express. And why not? I mean, what a magical ride that would be!

I saw a post last year about one mom doing her version of the Polar Express with her minivan and had kept that saved for the future.

Well, the future has arrived, people. This is the Minivan Express!! Are you comin'?

The evening started off with a mysterious ring at the door bell. When Jason opened the door, no one was there. Just a package...filled with surprises, a special note, and 5 golden tickets for a round trip ride to see the Christmas lights at Oak Mountain! How fun!!

Note: I would have take a picture of the tickets...but there were some people who were not impressed with the hole-punching. Clearly, you must be a conductor to wield a fancy-schmancy hole punch....

The boys were pretty excited about the evening's adventure! While they got their brand new super hero pajamas on, I popped the popcorn, readied the hot chocolate in their new thermoses, and grabbed extra snacks for the little man and us parents. Super fun times are ahead!

The wait wasn't too bad - thanks to the snacks and all. Plus, the boys could all see some of the lights from the line. When we did get to the box office, Jason was dying at the crazy signs... "Really? 3D glasses?! This is REAL LIFE!! What more is there to see?!" It was pretty lame that people were getting those. But maybe those were the kind that make those snowflake shapes or candy cane shapes when you look at the lights? I don't know... But, without the 3D glasses, it was still great to see!

The boys love the fishing Rudolph!

Austin sat in my lap and loved that reindeer in the sky!

Mom, I got a picture of the "3 French Hens" for you!

Lots of fun!! Not sure if it was $20 fun, but we still had a great time! We stopped by McDonald's afterwards for french fries! No popcorn dinner is complete without McDonald's french fries, you know. Darn those things...why are they so good?!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 
(Can you believe it?! It's 2015!!)

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