Monday, January 19, 2015

Through Andrew's Eyes

Once again it was time to upload and delete all the stuff Andrew took pictures and videos of with his Leapster. And, of course, that means time to share!

Selfies are fun!

1. The "Because I'm happy!!" selfie
2. His off to the side for that effect selfie
3. CLOSEUP selfie
4. The "Not thrilled about whatever mom just said 'no' to" selfie

Apparently these are the cool people at Grandma's house. Especially my dad. He is pretty cool for a Patriots fan! Love you, Dad!

And while in Florida, he got a little artsy with the camera!

A photo take that I didn't know about. And made me happy :) 

This was taken on our way to Mass this past Sunday and I love it. This is where our babies were born. :)

And just one more awesome one!

Happy Monday!

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