Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Festivities

Happy Mother's Day from our house to yours! A day late, I know. I wanted to make sure I got all the pics uploaded :)

I had a fabulous weekend with my little family! I got my first Mother's day gift from Andrew when we got home from school. LOVE!

He made this with his little finger prints to make the flowers, bugs, and worm. So CUTE!

Saturday morning, Jason took us to The Original Pancake House for a yummy breakfast. I was bad and got a most amazing plate of French Toast complete with the dusting of powdered sugar. And, I'm not sure how many times my coffee cup was filled, but it was wonderful to have a HOT cup of coffee when I wanted and NOT microwave 500+ times.Andrew and Alex got the silver dollar pancakes - what a stack! Good thing we got 1 kid's plate for them to share. WOW! Jason got a monster omelet with pancakes. The other half of the omelet (which could still feed 2 people, I think) is in the fridge. I want to know where they are keeping all these chickens...

Excitement and amazement for pancakes :)

After a super yummy breakfast, we headed over to Pepper Place - the coolest Farmer's Market, I think :) Live music, yummy things to eat/buy, crafty goodness. I love that place, but it is a rare thing for me to get out there. So this was very exciting! Look at the goodies we came home with!

YUM!! Andrew was so excited about that place. Maybe he and I can sneak out of the house on Saturday mornings :D

 We headed back home to play outside where Andrew found his new pet. He name this little beetle "Dirty Bug" LOL !!!

 Such a big boy...

 Waiting for their picnic - so cute!

Nap time came and the boys were worn out! And while I was thinking of what I neede d to get done around the house since the two mess makers (love them dearly!) were sleeping, Jason sent me out on a - GASP! - shopping afternoon! OH, I LOVED IT! I didn't have anyone asking for this or that or saying "time go home" or a time frame. I was out. I got to try things on again and again. I went to 2 stores with out people fussing at me. LOL Shopping makes me happy :) AND!! I got my last 1/2 price frappe of the week at Starbuck's :) YUM! 

To see those word on the pick better, just click on it to enlarge :)

I did come home, though, but sadly to a not happy little boy. Andrew said he didn't feel good and he was wrapped up in a blanket watching Cars. Hmm...he seems fine now. Who wants to guess that maybe he and daddy had a movie together :) Though, I'm feeling icky now. Hopefully it goes away soon. I think it is this weather...

I also found a box waiting for me on the counter from my mom! 

 COFFEE!!! Let me tell you...this is the most amazing coffee EVER. Jason even drink this! And he NOT a coffee drinker. It is THAT good!

 This cracked me up - we both gave each other a "blast from the past" present. I got her a Wonder Woman coffee to-go cup and she got me a funky Hello Kitty bag and LIPSMACKERS! I get the song from the commercial stuck (the one from WAY back) in my head every time I put some on!

We ended our night with our freebie Papa John's pizza and cheese sticks - YUM! I know, right? I was so terrible this weekend! I did do least until I hurt my knee. I'm fine now. Had to take a day off, I guess. 

Sunday came and we headed to Mass. I just LOVED the homily Father Jaya gave. He is so wonderful! He always speaks of happiness and things feel so much better when he speaks. Not that anything is bad, just the typical everyday stresses of being a mom. I need to have more patience, I know...but that takes time to learn...thus having the issues with getting the patience... LOL He said that we should just be happy with the current moment. Every occasion should be a joyous one, even when it is bad. There is always something positive in every moment. It just needs to be found. So just sit with our children and be happy. 

Speaking of bringing on the happy, we headed to Chili's after Mass :) I got pictures of me with each of my little men and my "present." 

I hope all you mamas out there had a wonderful weekend, too!!


  1. happy happy mother's day Heather! love your darling photos and that sweet bookmark is such a treasure. :) thanks for linking up this week, I'm excited to feature your delicious farmers market photo in my roundup later tonight!

  2. Great post! The boys are getting so big...and they're so cute and handsome! Love the blast from the past gift idea. And the bookmark is so sweet!


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