Thursday, March 26, 2015

Currently. {Vol. 2}

Here's to another installment of the latest and greatest happenings around the house. Enjoy!

Whoa. Audio books. My boys have discovered the greatness of audio books. Austin goes down for a nap at some point (remember I gave up on those), and the headphones (similar - the point is that they are noise-limiting) go on. And all is quiet. It is glorious. Glorious.

Yep. I made a minion. It was so much fun, too! I especially love the banana candies. I mean, hello? You HAVE to have bananas if you are going to make a minion. So, the cake was a banana cake with a banana cream cheese frosting. Yum! Speaking of that... I have some cake in the fridge...

Here comes the sun. And, you know what that means, right? The zoo!! Of course, everyone in the state of Alabama stole my idea... Not cool. We didn't stay long. I got them to leave with the promise of ice cream. There were just WAY too many people. Can't wait for Spring Break to be over here... We want our zoo back. Ha!

So, for now the backyard will have to do. There seem to be a few creatures of interest back there. In fact, Austin found AND CAUGHT a grasshopper. On the first try, people. You don't even want to know how many time it took me... He just went in there and grabbed him. Little explorer man, that one. Anyway, hopefully, we won't be in this backyard for much longer. Soon, I hope to share our new home with you. Keep the prayers a-coming! We really do appreciate them!!

I can give you a sneak peek though! This is my new backsplash that will be installed soon!! The gorgeous granite is already in place. Y'all. I cried when I was sent the photos of the new kitchen. It was even more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I cannot wait to cook all kids of goodness in there for my family!!

For now, while we keep the house as clean as the day we first moved in, this will do for now.

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