Monday, March 23, 2015

The Boys' First Fun Run

Andrew and Alex ran in their first 1-mile fun run this past Saturday - so exciting!

Our friend, Becky, was doing the marketing for the Junior League of Birmingham and asked if we wanted to come. Sure, why not? These guys have a TON of energy. Let's do it! It was the perfect day for it at an awesome venue - Regions Field!! Go boys!!

Talking numbers before the race

Alex at the start line. Andrew is standing next to him, but you cant see him...

And, they are off!! Go boys!!

Andrew is circled. Go Andrew!!

Here comes Andrew after his first lap around the stadium!!

Alex jumps back in with Daddy's help on the last lap. Andrew is inside on the left of the circle. Alex is with Jason.

Our little runners with their medals!! Yay!!

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