Monday, June 8, 2015

Currently. {Vol. 4}

Enjoying: Having my husband back home!

He was gone ALL last week... NOT fun. A day or two long business trip, I can handle. All week? Um, no thanks. Please no more of that. For a good long while, ok? Ok.

Happy birthday, Daddy!
Oh, yeah! I am also enjoying asking Jason if he misses his 30s and teasing him about it!! Ha!! It is so much fun!! Of course, it will come back to bite in just a week or so. I'm up next to turn - gasp! - thirrrradjghaljyyyyy. We just won't say it yet. I shall enjoy these last days in my 20s.

Loving: Our friends being out of school for the summer!! We have had so much fun this past week! Splash pad fun, impromptu treat outings, and more!

Planning: LOTS of stuff!! Thanks to Trello, I have picked out Aria's announcement, planned a rough draft idea for the end of August, and taken care of a few other things.

What I didn't plan for is my inevitable mini panic attack while taking care of and rearranging some of these to-dos... HELLO?! I'm 2 days into the 3rd trimester!!! Eek!!

Feeling: A mixture of excitement, stress, and other things. But, that's a 3rd trimester thing, I'm sure... 

All I will say on this matter is PLEASE don't stop praying for our buyers and us. I do hope I can share more information very soon!

Making: Personalized coke cans! One of our zoo days included an stop by the #shareacoke stand where you could personalize a coke can. How awesome! And, of course, since Coca-Cola is one of my top 3 drink choices, why not? Also, anything I have...I end up sharing in some fashion with Aria. So, yes, please!!

Listening: Alex had a message from the librarian at one of our libraries last week... He was the winner for week!! He loved hearing this message!!

Scored a book and a bear. He and his favorite librarian named him LiBEARian Bear! Love it!
Reading: It is just not in the cards for me... I have been reading a lot of Magic Tree House with the boys lately. And I did start a few of the books, but eh. My rule is (sad, but true) that if the book hasn't grasped my attention by the 5th chapter, I'm not wasting my time. However, there is one book that I have to read...not because I want to or anything.


Yes, we are still reading this series... Why on EARTH is it so long? Jason and I are reading these books together. And, no it hasn't grasped my attention, but he says that they are awesome books and all. I'm really trying to give these books a fair chance. But, OH. MY. GOSH. Can we just get to this damn tower already? It is so drawn out... I had no idea going into this either that there were 7 of these books (or 8?)... We should be reading Harry Potter instead... But, I am saving that for when I can read it to the boys. Anyway, I'm at the part (if you care to know or have read these books) where Blaine the Dumb Train has crashed into oblivion. Uuuuuggggghhhhh.. I swear. I am going to make Jason read all of Jane Austen's books or something when this is all over...

Watching: Farmer Jason, y'all!

This was so much fun! We went to the Summer Reading Kick-Off Concert for our new library near the new house and we had a great time! At first the boys were not at all impressed. But most of the kids acted that way. Once they all warmed up and the songs were going, everyone seemed to be having a blast! Glad we went!! Have you heard about Farmer Jason? He's pretty cool.

Oh!! I did watch (and finish) the first season of The White Queen and LOVED it!! However...I'm back to square 1... When does the 2nd season come out? I need another historical drama to watch... Otherwise, I'll just be re-watching The Tudors... Ideas?

I'm also watching my email and Facebook messages. I'll let you know if I see something worth mentioning!

Have a great week, y'all!!

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