Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of May = Super Fun Times!

May 29th --> Back at the McWane Center!!

Hanging out at the massive train table

Vroom, vroom!! Alex loved the giant Monopoly car!
Ok, this next photo is for my brother, James!! I actually screamed - out loud - to my friend, Kelly, "It's Buddy!!!!!!" The McWane Center is sharing the popular toys from the good ole days called Toytopia and WOW! I just couldn't believe that James' sidekick was hanging out behind the glass!! How funny!! Jame took this little boy everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I so, so wish I had a photo. I have one in my head that I remember.... He was like...4 or so? He was wearing some rain boots, a fire hat, riding a trike, and Buddy was along for the ride. Hilarious. Love it!

May 30th --> Just hanging around the house...

Loves watching his Daddy!

LOTS of board games have been happening around here lately. I am LOVING it!!

Andrew is such a serious little guy
Made his move - closer to winning!

 May 31st --> Open House Day! Where do you thing we all headed? Yes...McWane!!

Austin and I played cars and kitchen while Jason was running around with Andrew and Alex

Found Daddy! Loving the pic of Austin reading to the baby in the highchair. So sweet.

A very unbalanced game of Tug-of-War before heading back home


It was another fun week here at the House. Want to see what is coming up for our summer? Here's just an idea...

Good times are ahead!! 


Pregnancy Updates: Last week of the 3rd trimester!! Which is great and not great... More on that later. Anyway, lots of kicking, of course. Apparently, Aria is picky. She does NOT like it when I try to sleep on my right side. So weird. And, blah blah. I know... "Sleep on your left side when pregnant" bologna. Whatever. I think I may only follow the no alcohol rule. Anyway, Aria is not a fan of the right side. So, I have now become a left side sleeper...which I am not a fan of. But, she definitely lets me know about it until I move. So, yeah. Princess Picky Pants.

House Updates: PLEASE PLEASE pray that we will be getting an offer soon.... We should know something this weekend. We are hoping that it is good news.

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