Thursday, June 18, 2015

VBS - Expedition Everest


Exciting times happened last week! Andrew AND Alex were both able to attend our church's Vacation Bible School. They had so much fun!! Andrew was really excited that Alex was old enough this year. He told him everything his little mind could remember about last year's fun the week before, then the day before, and then all the way to church the day of. Too cute!!

Wow...when did they get to be so big...?

Since I didn't volunteer again this year (maybe I'm a 2 on, 2 off person...So, I will volunteer next year!), I am thankful for the photos that were taken by volunteers and my handful of friends that texted me during the week. Thanks!!

Craft time!

Father Wilfred talking with all the kids (Andrew and Alex in blue and yellow)

Totally cheesing it when they should be practicing their songs LOL

Andrew was THRILLED that Laura was at VBS and was his game partner
I don't know the question, but Alex KNOWS the answer!

Last day celebration = lots of people and bad phone pics. I did circle them for you though.

The boys came home with some neat things, too. They made a banner that shows the different things that God does for us: He provides, comforts, heals, forgives, and loves us!

Alex's banner

Andrew's banner

Each day they learned a bible verse, bible story, and about the Saint of the day. They were also given a CD of all the fun songs they learned and memory buddy dog tags (which Alex was extremely excited about as Andrew told him all about the ones he got last year).


It was a great week for them!! The boys were, of course, worn out by the time we got home.

Sleepy Alex
And, Austin and i had fun pretending I was a mommy of 1...almost 2. You know instead of 3 almost 4. LOL

Loves playing Legos at the books store and puzzles at home!

Just like last year (which I didn't realize until we were home), we ended our week with an afternoon at the pool with friends! Sorry, no pics! But I promise they had a blast!

Happy summer!

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