Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Photo Dump

There's a whole lot of cleaning up, packing up, and putting up going on around here. This includes my phone's camera stash... Here are some June pictures I never got around to sharing. Enjoy!


Hanging out at the park


My little boy is still my little baby

And then my baby gets stolen for a few minutes my little boy.... 

Note: That stuffed animal is about 30 years old. That was my baby when I was little. He still is, actually. That was a gift from my Grand-daddy and I still love it. So much that I wouldn't....and still won't let anyone else have him for more than 5 minutes. Lamby-Kins is in hiding right now. Safe and sound. Whew!

Mornings are for smoothies and waffles/pancakes

Mornings are also for playing outside until the sun is too much. 

Then, of course, that's what tents are for...shade. As long as you have the chimney shadow, too. 

Until it starts to go away. Then you move the tent. 

 Until all the shade is gone... And you come back inside to catch up on your Lego reading. 


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