Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting Ready for Kindergarten {A Special Day...or 2...Out}

Current Countdown: 24 Days Until Kindergarten!!!!


Y'all. Kindergarten? I know... We all knew this day was coming. Only, in normal circumstances, you are only counting down to that day a not a handful of other life changes all in one season. Oh, dear.

Anyway, as a way of getting this Kindergarten show on the road, Jason and I each took a Saturday and had ourselves an "Andrew and Me Day" - YAY!!

Basically, we told Andrew, "This Saturday is with just Mommy. Next Saturday is with just Daddy." Then he asks what the Saturday after that was and that made this all even more exciting to him. That 3rd Saturday will be in our new house!!


Anyway, in true Mama-Style, here is a recap of last Saturday's "Andrew Extravaganza!"

#1: Breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

#2: Hanging out with "Iron Man" aka The Vulcan!

I will say, at first I didn't know we were going to go up. I am NOT a fan of the grated walkway area at the top. I mean, if y'all want to see where you will meet death, then look over the rail... I do NOT need to see it right under my feet! Ahhh!

As we were walking inside to see the museum, which I have never been in before, Andrew bonked his head on one of the rails... Poor guy. Well, the museum guy, felt bad for him and gave us free admission into the museum and the Vulcan. I asked Andrew if he wanted to go up (secretly hoping he would say a big no thanks), and after about 5 minutes of thinking he decided to do it. (Super.) He LOVED going up the glass elevator and he thought it was so cool to see the while city from way up high. I had to put my brave face on and agree with all of it, snap a photo, and prayed we would get back down the same way we got up there. I know... I know... I am so lame. But we did it and it really was a lot of fun!

Mama's attempt and having Andrew "hold" the Vulcan LOL
#3: We cooled off in the car on the way to grab a tank of gas and figure out what to do for lunch. After a lot of debating and deciding, Andrew chose Chili's. 

#4: What better way to end the fun than wandering the aisles of Target with a super fun drink!! And, no! This wasn't my idea. Andrew totally asked about kids drinks at "Target Coffee" aka Starbucks. 

How exciting!! Starbucks is featuring the mini-sized frappes right now. They are like half the size of a tall, I think. Perfect for little hands. Andrew chose Birthday Cake complete with sprinkles. He said he knows it's not his birthday yet, but this day was like a party! Love this kid!

It was a fantastic day!!


Now, of course, in true Daddy-Style... there are no pictures of "Andrew Day" with Jason. But, I heard all of the stories. Andrew, in fact is telling me about it while I type it out for you!

#1: They stopped by the new house to check out the backsplash and see a few things before starting out their super day!

#2: Lunch at Firehouse Subs - Andrew's favorite place to go with Jason. He said he got a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich with the blue spicy triangle chips (Cool Ranch Doritos) and Hi-C. Yum!

#3: They made a cool stop at Ruffner Mountain and went on a really cool nature hike! They hiked about 2 miles or so. Andrew said they found some secret trails, clues, and a tree that got struck by lightning!

The Lightning Tree - an ELECTRICAL engineers favorite! ;)

#4: Last stop! Coldstone Creamery for a yummy treat! Andrew got the Blue Cotton Candy Ice Cream with sprinkles in a tiny waffle cone (I think he means the sugar cone). Jason got the Vanilla Bean mixed with graham cracker crust in a big waffle cone. 

Another day of fun in the books!!


Next up - some play dates with friends to take a break from all the packing. And, maybe...just maybe...a sneak peek at the new house!!! Maybe!



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