Thursday, July 9, 2015

Currently. {Vol. 6}


All the packing!!! Seriously. I am loving it! The boys are, too!

Took all the boxes home from a friend who just moved!

Austin makes sure to pack the essentials! LOL


My amazing friends!!!

Last night, my awesome girls and I parties it up to celebrate this little girl of mine! We had so much fun!! I am pretty blessed to have them in my life! Love, y'all!


Oh, the planning. The planning is tuning into something else, let me tell you!

A. 15 days until we move!
B. 34 days until Andrew starts kindergarten - aaah!!!!
C. 49 days until Aria is in my arms!! GASP!!

I mean...WOW!! There is SO much to get done.

For moving - I'm averaging about 5 boxes packed a day. The majority of our stuff is already over at the new house. I got the U-Haul reserved. Our address has been changed. Mail taken care of. Utilities stuff mostly done. I'm sure there is more...

For Kindergarten - I have Andrew partially registered. I just need the deed and all those things that prove we live where we will be living in the next 15 days!

For Aria - I know. You are wondering... I had my doc appointment today and we schedule the c-section!! YAY!!! She will be born (she better not come before...) on August 26th!!! YAY!!!! I have a few more things I need to get, but that will all happen very soon.




Lots of to do lists!


A lot of explosions from imaginations!


Parenting Nerd Alert! LOL


A few of our friends use this and we started it a couple weeks ago. It seems to be working out. There's no more yelling (mostly) from me. So, I'm good with it.


Way too much TV. It is too hot outside for this mama. But, I live in the South and wouldn't trade that for anything!



Next time you read another "currently" we should be at the new house!!!! YAY!!!! Stay cool, y'all!

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