Thursday, January 12, 2012

Master Closet Makeover

Well, I couldn't handle it anymore. I couldn't wait until next month to tackle the closets. So, I cleaned out ours while Andrew was at school and finished it up during naptime.

Oh, my. That is all I can say...

OMG. I know, right?! The horror and shame...

It seemed so small. But once everything was cleaned out...

That was all done while Andrew was at school this morning. After lunch and some playing around for a while, I had to got back and finish. Ugh...not cool. Or was it? I love my...ok, fine. I love OUR closet. Better?'s really mine. Hehe. It's gorgeous, hello!

I know, right?! Oh, wait what's that nifty thing on the left?

 I made that! HA! Easy peasy! I grabbed a metal tray from Target. I just LOVE the color - very beachy chic, I think :) But, I didn't exactly have a place to put it... But, then Pinterest showed up in my head and BAM! Necklace holder! I bolted with Alex over to the aisle where the Command hooks are found and was hoping for some magnet situation. Hello! Right by the nails...after the duct tape. Is it bad that I KNOW where everything is at Target? Anyway, I hung it up with some heavy duty (5lb weight limit) Command Strips. So addicted to those magical stickers... They are genius. Pure genius.

The funky little picture was found in the mess of wall art clearance at Target, too. That was stuck up there with some more magical stickers, too. At first I was just going to put it in our bedroom, but the necklace tray needed a friend.

Moving deeper into the closet is where the rest of my pretties are found. I got that jewelry stand one Christmas years ago from my parents. The sided open to hold more necklaces, but they are slowly falling apart...thus the need for AWESOME necklace tray!! The cute bride jewelry stand was from my maid of honor, Christina. Isn't it so pretty?!

 Don't you love those baskets?! They are actually more turquoise blue than what they are showing up as in the pics... But they hold scarves, smaller handbags/clutches, swimming items, sweaters, and belts/misc accessories. FUN :)

Where are ALL of my shoes?! Squished in my over-the-door organizer...and in a basket in our laundry room. Jason says I have too many shoes. I think he is crazy! Hello!? I have a reason and many outfit choices for every pair of shoes there. And, even if I didn' They are FABULOUS. 'Nuff said.

I wish the last picture had turned out better... The brown ottoman holds the rest of my handbags. And that fabulous mirror? A long time ago it was pea green and hung horizontally over my grandparent's fireplace/mantle. I always loved it. So, I am glad to have it. I gave it the gold touch a few summers ago with some acrylic paint. It is going to be hung in that spot tomorrow. (updated post! the mirror is up! click here!) Gotta get some better/longer/stronger nails first! :)

Ah, that is our closet. All done. All pretty. What should get crossed off the list next?

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  1. Yay! It looks great! I do this sort of thing and a week later it's back to disaster zone...I'm so terrible!

    1. Thank you!! Now if only every room was as easy as a closet... I think with it being all "pretty-fied" I can actually keep it clean :)

  2. Your closet looks AWESOME!! Props for taking everything out first! And I love the necklace tray and baskets!!!

    1. thank you, thank you! im glad it's finally organized!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It looks great girl... I so need to empty my closet out...

    Jeanna @

    1. Thanks! Just go to Target and get those inspiration wheels going! :)

  5. It looks SO SO great! Those Target baskets rock.

    What I really love is your tray solution for the necklaces. So genius and I love when something gets a use that it wasn't originally intended for, bonus points when it's used for organizing!


    1. Thanks!! I love Target!! And, yes, that tray was just so pretty, but I didn't have anywhere to put it - yet! LOL

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. I LOVE the tray idea!!! It all looks great!


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