Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Giant Bowl and a Straw

I think that is an intriguing title, don't you? So what is this all about? Well, guess where we went today! THE RAILROAD PARK! Ha, big surprise I know. :) But this time Andrew played in the big bowls. At least that is what we are calling them. My friend Caroline took some pics for me. Jasper was fast asleep after our walk so hopefully he will get to try this out next time we go. Andrew loved it! And, hey! You can see my baby bump!! (click on the pics to make them larger) I will have a better pic of that sometime this week - promise!

And, now for the straw - Andrew decided that he wanted the juice box. Andrew decided he was going to drink what was in the juice box. Andrew is DRINKING OUT OF THE JUICE BOX VIA A STRAW! This was the first time EVER! It was so exciting!!! He was so excited about it. He laughed when it first happened. I was so proud that I almost forgot to take this pic. Seriously. That would have been bad! He is such a big kid in this picture. He's got his lunchable and his juice box. Slow down, buddy!

Andrew and Jasper - such cuties!! 

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