Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

My little lion went trick-or-treating! He wasn't too sure about some of the decorations, but he really liked the whole thing one he saw other kids doing the same thing. We stopped by most of our friends' homes and a few other neighbors that we see sometimes - so 6 or 7 houses. But that was definitely enough for those little legs of his. We brought the stroller for him but, he said no way to that idea once he got going. Max even enjoyed being out in the neighborhood. :) Good times!!

Ms. Rachel was our first stop! :) We just missed Luigi and Ariel!

One of our neighbor's very cool decorations!

Mommy's turn to trick or treat with Andrew.

All tired out - well, maybe not Andrew just yet...

But he did want to get outta that costume and into his M&Ms and a cold cup of milk :)

We hoep everyone had a wonderul Halloween!!


  1. Fun!!! Glad I was your first! :-) I'm still on a sugar high from raiding the kids candy!! :-)
    Fun times!

  2. What cute pictures! We love that little Lion! :)

  3. It was super fun!!
    Thanks, mom :)


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