Monday, October 4, 2010

Picnics & Playgrounds

It was such a gorgeous day today!! Andy and I got together with our friends, Rachel and her kids, Zach and Grace. We had lunch at the playground and played for quite a bit! Zach and Grace are so sweet with Andy - they are almost 5 and he just turned bit of a age difference, but they are such great friends! Andy even thought that he was a big kid towards the end of our time at the park. He saw Zach swing from the bar and then slide. Andy thought he could, too. So did I for a second, until he let go too late. Understanding the timing of things comes a bit later in life, huh? So he cried for a bit but he is ok :) He is off in Nap Land now. I get to play in Laundry World... Can we go back to the park???

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