Thursday, October 7, 2010

Railroad Park

Ok, I think this may be my new favorite place! The Railroad Park!! How cool is this?! There are paths everywhere, trees, grass, birds, streams, ponds, a playground, a cafe, TRAINS - and it is all in one place in our city. And it is GORGEOUS! Andrew loved it! He likes being outside anyway, but the fact that there were trains all over pulling cars and tanks and whatnot was a huge plus for him. He pointed to them and "jumped" when he saw them. He was super excited! We walked for quite a while before heading to the playground. Once he was done playing, he walked over to the stroller and tried to climb inside. Cutiepants! Obviously, it was time for lunch. So, we head down a few more paths and sat with some trees by a little stream (it actually holds storm water and recycles it within the park). It was a fantastic day at a fantastic park. I'm thinking this may become our new place during the week :)




  1. Wow! What a cool place! Depending on the weather, I think we may head there tomorrow morning!!

  2. It was fabulous!! I think it is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. Cool in the morning but HOT later (like now). Have fun!


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