Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Shared Bedroom Adventures

Well, it is done. The pack-n-play is now packed-n-put-away. Hehe. Oh, goodness.

Andrew went to bed as normal at 8 pm. I told him that in a little bit Alex would be sleeping in his crib. I had been telling him that all day. And he has been very excited about it. Anytime I would mention it he would instantly get into his bed and point to Alex's crib. No, dear...that's not what I meant just yet. LOL. Good thing he's excited about it cuz Alex is in there now.

Alex went to bed at 830. Andrew was still awake, but he was starting to drift off. So, I put Alex down and told Andrew that he was sleeping so it was his turn to go to sleep now. He nodded his head and rolled over.

Wow. I am so blessed to have such amazing little boys. It is now 930. Andrew and Alex are both fast asleep in the same room.

Now to see what happens when Alex wants to eat in the middle of the night. Thank goodness it is only the one time. All we have to do it make it ok to that mark and then morning for everyone mark. Please keep this mama in your prayers tonight!

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