Sunday, May 1, 2011

A 19 month old, a 2 week old, and a tornado {con't}

**If you missed the first part of this story, click here**

The evening that the tornado went through was a rough one for Andrew. See, he sleeps with a humidifier. A loud one that drowns out a ton of noise outside of his bedroom. We have it because he's always had sinus issues since birth, but it seems to be more of a comfort noise to him now. He did not like that it was not on. He didn't even like that the street light outside wasn't on. Even though he has blackout curtains, he still has a bit of that light show through the edges of the curtains. He did fall asleep, but he just couldn't stay asleep. He cried for us and was scared when he couldn't see us anymore. Jason slept in his room for half of the night, but that didn't seem to help. Andrew could see his Daddy in the dark even if he was there. Eventually, Jason brought his mattress in our room and the rest of the night he was soundly sleeping. I wish I had taken a picture of him though... He fell asleep with Tusker in a death grip under one arm and he was hanging on to his flashlight (still on!) with his two little hands. Poor little guy. He had no idea what was the deal with the power and the storm. Maybe he did... He did watch the tornado go through Tuscaloosa with us. That is the story for the #1 Boy.

The littlest one, Alex, was not too thrilled with the fact that we wouldn't swaddle him at night. It did get cool, so he was wrapped up a bit. But not much. Funny...he was exactly 2 weeks old that day and already he had a list of preferences!

Luckily, the weather for Thursday was nice and cool. So, the fact there was no A/C wasn't too much of an issue. The only problem was not knowing if I could get Alex to his 2 week checkup or not... Last we heard was that the interstate was closed. And we knew that our shortcut was probably not the way to go since that's where the tornado went. I did get him there though! But, it was strange. Barely any cars were on the roads... I saw the tornado path for the first time. And, as you came up to the junction in downtown B'ham, it looked as if nothing horrible had happened (minus the fact there wasn't the typical amount of traffic).

But, anyhoo! Once again, our family and neighborhood are all ok. Alex's doctor's appt went well. This is a big kid! At his 1 week checkup he weighed 8 pounds 6 1/2 ounces. This week later...he weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces!! He loves to eat!! Good thing...this time around I have had a horrible time with breastfeeding. I can't do it. I have nothing for him. So, he is on formula. I try still, but nothing. I've been told by his doc that he's doing so well and all that I need to not beat myself up about it. So, I am trying not too, but you know...

Well, nap time blogging is over for now! I will have more pictures and updates very soon!

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