Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Super Big Brother

Andrew is the best big brother! He is such a big help. He always checks on Alex and lets me know if he is sleeping or fussing. Today he even let me know that Alex was hungry (he pointed to the bottles on the counter). I tried something a bit different today. Normally, I have Alex in his little seat on the kitchen table when Andrew is running all over the place. Then at snack time or nap time, Alex has his tummy time in the living room. Well, I let him be on the floor (still in his seat to be protected somewhat from the wild child lol - nah, Andrew's not that wild...but you know...) while Andrew and I played Thomas and watched Dino Dan. After a bit, Alex fell asleep. I guess I didn't realize it since I was hushed by Andrew. LOL. Andrew was taking pretty good care of him, too. He even gave him his binky when it was needed :)

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