Friday, November 9, 2012

Found an Awesome Playground

Last Sunday, we headed to the bar to watch the Packers. Of course, sitting in a restaurant can get bored for 2 toddlers -- even when there are about 50 different TVs all over the place.

Picking out something yummy

So, just about into the 3rd quarter, the boys were done. And, until our new place opens up by the house (hopefully within a few more months - they just finished building it, I believe), we are stuck about 45 mins from the house. Boo.

So, Andrew, Alex and I headed to the playground. Only the one we normally go to was PACKED with all kinds of people and tents and too much. There were sops and crossing guards. Too much for me...

Never fear -- Mommy knew of another place :)

WOW! This is one serious playground, right?
 Don't worry. They were so not allowed to go near this part of the park. WAY too scary looking for me right now. 

 Alex having a blast in the toddler area

 Taking a ride on the giant grasshopper - isn't that so cool?!

 Buzz buzz!!

 Cool ladybug 

 A bumble bee for two :)

 Alex's turn on the grasshopper

Now both LOL 

 Time to play on the rocks

 I love these boys so much!

Andrew loved this bridge over the little creek

 One more time on the lady bug before heading back to get Daddy

Bye ladybug!

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