Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Finally, right? Hey, at least I did I shared these pictures before Thanksgiving. LOL

First, we started off the day but running out to get some last-minute hats. It was COLD this year. Don't you laugh, yankees! I was freezing... I'm freezing as I type this   ::shiver::

After we finally found the right one - chosen my Andrew and approved by Alex. Seriously. We had lunch at Zoe's. YUM! He is such a big kid, right?!

 Aren't these the cutest hats? I got them from The Children's Place. Andrew said it looked like a spooky ghost eye. The tag said monster hat... Fine with me for $6 a hat and had my super awesome coupon. Score. 

After the boys played and played until nap time, we had a cool Halloween snack. How fun are these chips I got at Target?! Andrew cracks me up though. He wouldn't eat the black ones. Silly boy.

 Time for Trick or Treating!!

How cute - er, I mean spooky, of course, are these little ghosts?!

So much fun!!

 Back with their stash! Let me tell you...this was awesome. I love our neighborhood. The bucket, you can see, are different from the buckets in the pics above. That is because we have an awesome older couple who had special buckets for their favorite kids! How cool are they?! And the pumpkin guy and Dracula? Those are from another neighbor who says this is her favorite holiday and loves making it special for each trick-or-treater. SO COOL! Thank, neighbors! You rock! 

Now you are probably wondering by now, why Jason and I are not anywhere to be found in these pictures. Well, I had to take them all because my hubby was working hard on a business trip all that week :( We missed him so much!! But, he didn't miss Halloween because we had a special treat for him when he got home!!

 All of Daddy's favorite goodies! Kit-Kats, Reece's, Smarties, and Twix are in the container. Jalapeno Cheetos. And, of course, Dr. Pepper Ten.

And, hello, he needs a trick-or-treat bag, right? ;) 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Now it is time for the holiday planning to begin!

Have you started playing Christmas music? I think I'm going to start it next week :)

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