Friday, September 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. Legos, Legos, Legos!

 They really are quite the master builders, right?! Everything is awesome!!

2. Costco Memberships...even for the littles!

Thank you to the membership desk at our Costco for making "secret club cards" for our boys! They think they are just the coolest now!

3. Playtime is the best time!

 Austin is just all about the playing now. He is starting to grow his little imagination. He is doing everything now it seems. He "cooks" in the kitchen and "talks" on the phone. So cute! Alex thinks its pretty cool that he likes Batman and Robin. Actually, he think it is rather hilarious! And, Andrew showed him a new trick: making insanely loud horn sounds with his stacking toys (which by the way is THE BEST baby toy ever).

 4. Zoo Day!

Come on... Did you really think I'd leave zoo pictures out? We do go a lot, huh? It's a great zoo!

Also see this next picture?


Yes, it's not the best quality. But, look past that... Look at Andrew (brown). They wanted to get a closer look at these Guinea hens (after years of going here, we finally figured our what they are!) and Andrew is keeping close tabs on Alex (green). See him holding his shirt?? I LOVE that these boys are so close. They really are best friends and it is so wonderful!

5. Picnic time!

It was such a beautiful day!! It wasn't super hot and there was a nice breeze.

6. Mornings with my little buddy

I'm back to waking up before dawn and enjoying the quiet and my coffee without the need of the microwave. And it is wonderful! I'm usually up by 5:45 am. Enough time to get what I want done for me for the morning. Around 6:30, Alex comes to join me for some reading time. Just the two of us. It is so sweet. 

7. Speaking of coffee...


Oh. My. YUM! Thank you, Target.


That's all for now. Y'all have a fabulous weekend! 

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