Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Thanksmas in Augusta

Did that title confuse you? Or have you been following long enough to know my mom and I? ;)

After Jason's family moved out-of-state from where my parents are, we had to split up the holidays. One year it's there, another year it's somewhere else. This year, we had Thanksgiving in Augusta - but also celebrated Christmas since we won't be seeing his family next month. My mom came up with that term "Thanksmas" last year. Isn't she hilarious!? I love it. So it's sticking.

Anyway, I did manage to grab a few pictures here and there. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too! Or, if you're like us - a very Merry Thanksmas!

 Alex and Andrew loved these Snowmen matryoshkas - they are pretty cute!!
Also, sadly, this is the ONLY picture I got of them on Thanksgiving Day with their turkey shirts...grr... I thought with mom brain that was a given that I would make them sit and smile together in matching shirts...ugh...I guess next year, right? These shirts were made by the fabulous, Chi, from our church! So cute, right?!

 Opening up some Christmas gifts! Thanks, Nana and Papa, for all the fabulous things!

 Andrew cooking us a feast with his cookware (this is going with a certain item from Mommy and Daddy they will both find on Christmas morning! YAY!)

 Speaking of feasts...yum :) I'd like to point out to all my brothers...haha! I got a leg this year, boys! They - meaning whichever two steal them first - never let me get one. Stinkers. Love you, guys!

 Being with family is great. Many of my mornings looked like this. Sip, sip, ahhhhh. 

 And many of our evenings looked like this - CATAN!!! 
If you have never played this game - 1st, what is the matter with you? And 2nd, put this game on your Christmas list. It is awesome. It is the ONLY strategy game I LOVE. 

This was my Thanksgiving card to my hubby. He cracked up with this one :) 
I don't usually do Thanksgiving cards, but this was PERFECT for him. He LOVES my mom's Candied Yams - that I have tweaked, which makes him ask for them all the time during this season. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families! Time to get those decorations up now!!

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