Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Last of April

April showers bring? Freezing cold weather, apparently. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD?! It was 37 this morning. Ok, fine. 43 with the "feels like" reading of 37. Either way it is totally uncalled for...

We did end it on a good note, though! The farmers market, the ice cream shop, parks, and popsicles. YAY! Let's hope this yucky May beginning gets better soon! We are SO ready for summer!!


 Andrew and I left early Saturday morning for the opening day of Pepper Place. We started out morning off right with a trip to Dunkin Donuts (Andrew even picked out ones for Daddy and Alex to have when we got home). Gotta love a good sprinkle donut! He LOVED that he had his own bag to carry his market picks. We got to this one table filled with his favorite - sweet potatoes - and was DYING for this one huge one the he just had to have. Luckily, the girl working the table switched around the buckets and let him have that specific potato. Too cute! We bought a lot of great items, other than that one sweet potato, of course. Andy's next favorite find was a rather large and decadent chocolate truffle. Oh, my. He may still be bouncing of the walls - and it's a week later! Kidding - sorta... Our other yummy treasures were perfectly crisp salad greens, tomatoes, sweet onions, cucumbers, fresh baked bread (another one of Andy's wants...even though I could just make this LOL) and a TON of strawberries (about 10 cups worth - 8 of those cups are in the freezer now). It was a great morning and we were both very happy that the rain stayed away while we were out. 

We came back home to get Daddy and Alex. After some errands were made and lunch was eaten, it was time to settle down for quiet/nap time. While I had a bit of free time, I flash froze the strawberries and onions. I also made some homemade garlic croutons with the challah bread we never got around to using. And, wow! Jason said that they are the best :) Love it!


 We added a new game to our collection for the boys. Last week, Alex and I found this little dominoes game in the bargain bins at Books-A-Million for $5. The pieces are HUGE and the boys love the bugs all over them. They are pretty good at it, too. Glad it is a winner!


  Being silly with popsicles. Remind any locals of anyone???

How about now? Gotta love the Vulcan


 Alex and I at our favorite lunch place on a school day - we love Zoe's!!

Alex check out the chinchilla at the library. He was so happy that this one came down to see him. They are usually up top and hiding. Fun!

 After school playground fun :)

  And a happy end-of-April surprise!! Ice Cream Shop!! Alex chose the "Superman" ice cream. It is red, blue, and yellow. I am guessing it is vanilla? I'm not entirely sure. He loved it so that is all that matters to me. Andrew chose the "Smurf" ice cream. It is blue with marshmallows thrown around inside. That one tastes like cotton candy, I am told, by a little guy sitting at the next table. Ice cream shops are so much fun! We can't wait to go back...when it is HOT again!
 Playing outside after getting back home to enjoy the weather as much as possible before the yucky, cold rain rolls in to annoy us. These guys are getting ready to play golf - they are just too cute :)

Happy End of April!!

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  1. Those bug dominoes are too cute! Ali loved dominoes for so long...but now she's scattered them all. We should get a new set!


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