Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good Day, Sunshine!

Last week started off fabulous with a relaxing, but super fun Mother's Day!! Here is a look at what we did that Sunday and the rest of the week. Enjoy!

{Sunday ~ Mother's Day}

Sunday was such a great day! At first, we didn't really have plans other than attending Mass and going to lunch at Salsarita's. But, after an afternoon with FULL sunshine, we headed to Academy to get our much-need, long-asked-for market umbrella. It was on sale (Thanks, Rachel, for telling us!!) for $30 + base for another $30. So, $60 for a good quality 9 foot market umbrella sounds much better than other prices I have seen. Anyway, after grabbing my awesome umbrella, we headed out for dinner at Five Guys, followed by dessert at Coldstone Creamery!

As you can see, the boys LOVED the ice cream :) 

 Another day of perfect sunshine in the shade of my umbrella! 

 Apparently, it was sports day. Lots of golfing, baseball, and football going on in our backyard! 


 After we got Andrew to school, Alex and I headed to the doctor. We were a bit early, so we waited in the car. He watched The Cat in the Hat (the PBS show) on my iPod while I read some email. Once we got in to see my doc, he couldn't wait to "see" the baby. Only, I tried explaining we weren't going to see the baby, we were going to hear the baby. Of course, he was hoping for a, too, haha! Anyway, he giggled when we heart the baby's heart and seemed to enjoy that. After some griping from me to my doc (he loves me haha), I finally found out that we will know if this is a boy or a girl the 3rd week of June. YAY! 

 After some errands were taken care of, we headed back to school to get Andrew. And, look was we saw on someone's van!! AND, it was a Toyota of my top 2 choices, by the way! You know this mom is AWESOME. I wonder where she got those decals. They are just too cool! You know you are loving it, too!

These two were snuggling together while I was making dinner. I had to see what was going on because they were just too quiet and, well, you know... Quiet usually is not good if kids are awake. But, they were just watching Mickey Mouse together in Daddy's chair just as happy as can be. Love them!


Another day of glorious sunshine!! And, since it was nearly 90 that day, we broke out the sprinkler!

 Boys, water, dump trucks, and mud...
 Such dirty little boys and their dump trucks... They loved every minute of it!

 Playing circus in the living room after school!


When we ran out to get lunch after a morning of cleaning up, we saw a Mama Turkey with her babies!! The boys were so excited I had to turn around and go back in the neighborhood to get a better look - and a picture.


While folding laundry most of the morning, I hear the funniest sounds, loud giggles, and trains on the other side of the house. Here's what I saw:

 I know... Not the best quality picture, but I was trying to be sneaky about it. That is Andy's toddler bed and the two chairs lined up to make...a train, of course!! 

Another fun week!  Coming up soon --

Andrew's last day of preschool for this year. He moves up to PreK-3 next school year. And, Alex will start preschool, too! 

We are ready for a super fun summer!!

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