Monday, May 20, 2013

Jam-Packed Week of Fun!

Just editing those pictures from a couple weeks ago wore me out! We sure did have a super fun time getting in a few outings before the "big kids" are out of school and "mess everything up." No offense...but, come on. Mama with preschoolers know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Those day care, summer camp, day camp wild children and the adults that are just "there." You know... Anyway, we got a LOT of fun done in one week. Here's a look:


Jason and I went to a dinner party for his college golf coach, Coach Kaufman! We had a great time and it was fun seeing his old friends and room mates. 

 "The House" Guys - At some point all of these guys lived together in "the house." I have that in quotes for a reason... That house did it's job by providing shelter, but wow... That poor house needed - a probably still needs - love. Very cute, but one of those places you would have a blast renovating down in South Side. But, that is just the girl in me. For these guys it was the perfect bachelor pad 

Jason and I with Coach Kaufman :)


We headed out to McWane after nap time - which was a great time to go! All the school kids were heading back to get home and the place was pretty much empty. Awesome. 
 Top row, left: Playing with shadows and "catching" falling rocks. We built a fort!
Bottom row, left: Mini paleontologists. Alex checking out the jellies. Mr. Starfish.

 1st column: Giant light bright toy. Andrew playing with the face mixer-upper LOL
Middle: Alex in the bug habitat.
3rd column: Andy building a tower while Alex does some grocery shopping. 
Attempting to make a giant bubble


 Getting some errands done while Andy's at school.

 Zoo time after school!


Play date with Braxton!!

 How cool is the view from their yard?? COWS!!

 Such best friends!!

 After we headed home for nap time, we headed out once more to Lowe's to fix the "death" lurking at our front door. I made two of these planters - pretty, huh? Purple fountain grass and pink begonias! The boys helped putting in the drainage rock and dirt. They even had their shovels. Such cuties. 


 Lunch time with Alex at one of our favorite places. Little did I know that Bumblebee was going to join us - good thing he doesn't talk much. ;)

 Look at what my little man gave me for Mother's Day!! Andrew put his hand print on both sides (the other side say "May 2013") LOVE IT!!! Thank you, sweetheart!!

We ran over to Braxton's to drop off an early birthday present - which we ended up buy 2 of LOL. See that little sprinkler? It is the Melissa and Doug Grub Scouts Sprinkler and it is super cute! And, it is was a big hit, too!

 Bubble beards after a fun day in the sun!


Ending the week with yummy popsicles!
We certainly had a fun week, don't you think? We are definitely looking forward to a lazy summer and the many visitors we have coming to town, too! And, of course, we are also gearing up for the big changes coming soon. Stay tuned for more - we find out in June if we will be welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl to our family!

Have a great week!!


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