Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Program 2013

Last week, Andrew's preschool put on their Spring Program. And, OH. MY. GOSH. So cute!! All of the kids were adorable - the ones who were all in to each and every song, the ones who cried and just didn't want to do any of it, the ones who just stood in stared off, and the ONE that jumped more than the guys from House of Pain (video link here for those who have no idea what song I am referring to - good times)!! Father J said, "He is so happy!" And, yes! He was SO excited for this day (which is hilarious since he hated going to music class). Here is the videos from his Spring Program! Enjoy!!

Some pics from the "after-party"

 Mommy's Little Star! 

 Little Man thrilled to have a "plate of desserts"
Do you love his bandaids? Ugh... This child gets hurt in the most unbelievable ways... 
He was running - while pushing around a giant dump truck - and tripped. 
But, how he tripped was like a scene from a cartoon. He flipped OVER his truck. Nice. 
He will be the next big name stunt man. I just know it.
More of a scrap than a bruise. Luckily he heals fast. Nothing there when we took the bandaid off the next day. It is amazing how fast kids heal!! I'll cry from a paper cut for days... 

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the show!!

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