Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan

Welcome back to our weekly menu! I hope you will find some yummy inspiration here, and maybe a few easy tricks to help make it go {almost} as planned.

Having three kids is HARD. But, it is doable once you figure out a plan. And, believe me...there needs to be a plan. I learned that with just having the two boys.

Now there are three. A plan is a most important element in making this - whatever you call it - work.

So, I came across a FABULOUS post about easy menu planning. Tiffany, of Peanut Blossom, is a genius! You have to go read her post about to menu plan the easy way!! If you need your life to be a tad bit more it. Read it now. You know what...just stop reading this and go read that.

Ready to see what's in store for our table this week?

Graphic thanks to Shabby Blogs

"Ok, wait...what?! Popcorn for dinner?! You can't be serious...."

Oh, but I am.

I found another post from Zina, of Lasso the Moon, about how she told her kids they were having popcorn for dinner. How great is that? A night off from cooking AND you become the greatest parent that ever lived. Win-Win. Done deal.

See, after I make these yummy dinners... We do have leftovers. Some are divvied up for the freezer, some for Jason's lunch, and some for the boys' lunches. Or saved all together and used in a big buffet of sorts on Saturday for a free-for-all kind of lunch.

And, because it is a Saturday...that means Mass in the morning. So, we have to get to bed to be prepared for the next day and such. Movie is done at a decent time for the boys and popcorn for dinner.



Recipes from:

The Slow Cooker Cookbook
International Slow Cooker Cookbook
Once A Month Mom

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  1. Popcorn for dinner is ok with me! I love your menu planning ideas :) I started my menu planning again this week, and trying to do Meatless Mondays although not always easy to convince my partner that salad will fill him up!


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