Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Rewind: Sep 8-14

What a great week it was! I finally got the house put back together after our party fun from Andrew's birthday (click here for that post - coming soon!) and pictures are being uploaded right now. But, before you check out the super awesome Lego Spider-man birthday party, check out what we did last week!


 Getting my early morning reading done - and eek! 31 weeks (now I'm at 32!! 7 more to go!!) Awesome.

 Packer Bump

 Pre-Game Fun

 Jason making some salsa - perfecting it for the party next week :)


 The boys and I rewarded ourselves for our hard work cleaning the house. 
Gotta love Happy Hour at Sonic!


 Ready for fall with Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses! YUM!

 Can't forget an awesome smelling fall candle!

 Awwww!!!! School work from the boys!! Alex (top) learned about the letter B and the number 2. Andrew (bottom) drew a picture of his family! So cute!! Daddy is the one on the left, then Alex, and me. I have a ponytail. I asked him about Austin and he said, "We were supposed to draw faces and he's in your tummy. I don't know what he looks like!"

 Got the party favors done!! 


 Sleepy boy played hard today

Party Oreos! Andrew requested these for his snack to share at school for his birthday. They are super easy to make. I actually used melted white chocolate chips instead of the candy melts. He loved them!They are pretty festive, too, huh? I think I am going to make some Halloween ones later. 


 Went to my doc appointment this morning. And look who was on the bulletin board in my exam room!! It's Alex! My Alex!! :) And my little tiny Andrew!!! Oh my...time flies... They are SO much bigger now. 

 Birthday boy at school today!

 The best of friends playing castles and super heroes. 

 Helping make some party decorations with duplos. Had to add in the lego part, somehow... :)


 Lego Spider Man cake - made by me in setting in the fridge!

 Nana and Papa arrived with gifts later this afternoon! Andrew was VERY excited to have REAL legos!! He is loving all of the things he can build with all the different kinds of pieces. 

 Got the cake frosted! The details will go on in the morning! Looks pretty cool, huh?

 This is just the sweetest. Early morning lego building :)

We headed to the park for a picnic with Nana and Papa since the weather was AWESOME!  

Back home to get some party decorations up since I have more than a few set of hands to help! :)

 And, while the boys were busy playing, I got the details take care of on my Lego Spider Man head! SO COOL!!!

 For dinner, Andrew wanted to have chicken a rice, so off we went to Stix for some hibachi! They thought it was pretty cool, though they jumped back a bit (me, too!) when the fire was going on! And, of course when you go to places like this for birthday fun, you HAVE to tell the server that there is a birthday boy at the table. So...out came the drummers and singers! But, Andrew was not a huge fan of all that mess, but the ice cream sundae was yummy! :) We did have to say bye to Nana and Papa after dinner, but we had a great time with them!!


Well that is all for now! Hope y'all had a great week, too!

Up next: Andrew's 4th Birthday Party!!

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