Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lego Spider Man Birthday Party Extravaganza {Andrew is 4!!!!!}

WOW!! What a day!! This Sunday was Andrew's birthday party and - wow! That is all I can say! He had a BLAST!!

He told me a few months ago that he wanted a Lego Spider-man party. Lego, problem! But add in Spider Man?! Ok... Well, thanks to Pinterest, I found a couple of awesome ideas and will definitely be adding some of these pics there for other mamas of boys who throw out 2 themes they want for their next party.

Enjoy the pics! Let me know what you think!!

Oh, and, as usual, thanks for getting some of these pictures, Mom!!

 32 weeks and here's a party bump after church! LOL
And, ahem...I swear I though I cleaned that mirror...ugh. Good thing this is MY bathroom and not the guest bathroom. Haha.

 Birthday boy and mama - he's so big... <3

 Pre-party Packers game. An important element to any fabulous party. 

LOL Saw this picture from my mom's facebook! Awesome!


 I managed to get a few pics fo the awesome party food!
Chocolate Spider Man cupcakes complete with Lego confetti :)

 My most favorite cake - ever! It may not be perfect, but WOW! I'm rather impressed with myself. Spider Man is a bit hard to make...all that webbing, ya know.I made his eyes separate and let them set in the freezer before adding them to the head. Worked out pretty well!

 Lego duplo Spider Man logo (an idea from Pinterest that Andrew and I made)
Spider Man frisbees from the Dollar Tree
And, of course, a Packer wreath (I made that! Click here for making one in your team's colors).

 Party table! You can click on this to make it bigger. We served hot dogs, brats, chips, Jason's homemade salsa, cupcakes, and Lego shaped candies!! They are in that glass jar next to the buns. I found them at Toys R Us in the FAO Swartz candy aisle. Fun! Everything else is pretty much from Party City or the Dollar Tree. 

 Another pic of my awesome cake! I am so glad Andrew loved it. He said, "You did a good job, mama!" Love him!


"Happy birthday to you...!!"

 Chocolate cupcake brothers!

Thanks for driving up for the party, Mom and Dad! Here's a picture me and Dad, where 2 of the brothers photo bombed ;) Love that we were all coordinated!! Good times!


We had such a great time with all of our family and friends that could make it! We love you all! Thanks for coming!!

Andrew, we love you so much and can't wait to see what this year will bring!

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  1. He told me a few months ago that he wanted a Lego Spider-man party. Lego, sure...


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