Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School, First Day of School {Part 2}

Hey everyone! Last week we celebrated Andrew's first day of PreK-3. Click here to check that out if you missed it.

Yesterday, we celebrated Alex's first day of preschool (technically, Mother's Day out - but you have to say "preschool" or he gets annoyed). He goes on the same days and times as Andrew, so you can imagine what kind of day I had! Jason told me to "not go crazy like a college kid with a new found sense of freedom!" Hahaha!

Anyway, Alex was VERY excited that he was now able to go to school! All last week he was mad at me because his class wasn't starting yet. I even took him out for donuts...

See that little "scowl" - sheesh!

But, you are looking for his first day of school pictures, right? Well, here you go! Isn't he the cutest little preschooler ever?! 

 He the cutest! He (mommy, too!) was so glad to see his teacher when he got to school. He knows her from being in the playroom during Vacation Bible School. He was quite the happy guy!!

When I picked him up, just before getting Andrew, I got the BIGGEST hug in the world from him! He was the happiest guy in the class and was told how smart he was for knowing all his letters and most of his numbers! Makes mama proud to hear that! 

Here is his 1st project of the year!

While waiting for Andrew, I asked him all about his day and the things he did. He told me that he played with his friends and heard a apple story. He said that he had apples for a snack, too. I asked him who his friends are and he thought for a moment then said, "All of them! All my friends!" So sweet! 

We headed over to the car rider line (which isn't our normal thing, but for this day it was), I spotted Andrew sitting on the wall having some conversation with one of his friends. It was so cute to watch that! I asked him about it later and he said, "Oh, that was Gabe. We were just talking about school things." What a big kid...

The best part about picking them up from school is this, though...

The conversations between them in the back. Love it!

Andrew: "Alex, what did you do at yours school?"
Alex: "Play trains, my friends, and have apples for snack/"
Andrew: "Apples! Hey, we learning about apples, too! I had red ones and green ones and yellow ones."
Alex: "Mine red!"
Andrew: "Do you have rest time? I have a blue sleeping bag with turtles."
Alex: "No, play time. Oh, man!"

The convo goes on all the way home and beyond. It may not seem like much, but it was so wonderful to hear these two just talking in the back like big boys. Kinda bittersweet really... They are growing up so fast! But, the cool thing is that I heard that they talk about each other to their friends and how they are best friends. I loved hearing that!! It was so sweet!!

Hope everyone had a great start to their own back-to-school celebrations!

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