Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Rewind: September 1-7

Before I share what happened this past week... Do y'all know what today is?


And...since it is birthday preparation week for my almost FOUR YEAR OLD!! what?! Check out this graphic I found for Andrew AND the super awesome Green Bay Packers!!


 Cool, right?! 

Anyway, Alex had his first week of school this past week (click here to see that post)!! He loves it!!

{SUNDAY / MONDAY - Labor Day}
Football players in-training, apparently! It takes Andrew some effort to tackle Alex, too. LOL So funny! While they were playing, I made dome Labor Day cookies. YUM! Oh, and good thing that they played Sunday because the rain just wouldn't chill out on Monday... Boo... Oh, well. 


Alex's first day of school!!

Check it out - I got to make lunches for both of them, too! Awesome. Andrew requested the leftover brats we had grilled for Labor Day. Alex wanted a truck sandwich. Too cute!
And...while they were at school, I got some birthday shopping taken care of and found a little something for Austin! :)

Isn't that a cute fox?! OK, I know... I would have probably not made this purchase... But, it was the ONLY one in the store. So I had to. It's just how it goes. Besides, I had a certain budget to stick to and with my price matching to the online store vs the physical location, I had some extra moolah. Whatever. It is cute!

Oh, and Mama got herself a treat, too. Hello! Fall is here! Calendar schmalendar. When you can purchase pumpkin spice creamer or lattes it is Fall. You know it is. Don't deny it. 

Don't forget -- to  read more about Alex's first day of school, click here :)  


The boys are into playdoh like crazy these days. They sat at the kitchen table for about 2 hours just playing with all the colors and making things. Andrew made a snowman (left) and Alex made a pancake (right). Love these guys.


 No...I won't take a picture of all of their lunches. But it is cute! Those are the monster cookies I made for Alex's first day of school. Yummy!

  And, FINALLY!!! I made Austin's quilt!!! Awesome, right?! The fabric is from Birch Organics sold by CedarHouseFabrics on Etsy! Love it!! My mom sent me some batting that she had, so all I had to get was the thread to match. This was my first quilt, too...and wow. Sewing with batting was a little difficult. Any suggestions for the next time I make one of these? Anyway, it is done! YAY! Next project is on hold until Mr. Almost-Four's party is over!


This day was just stinky. So there are no pictures. Granted, we did have fun hanging out at Kristi's house and pool. So that was a highlight. But this Mama had some issues.
1. I spilled freshly made lemonade all over my kitchen counter, cabinets, and floor before heading out.
2. I dropped my phone in Kristi's driveway which shattered the screen.
3. I got stung on my tummy by a drowning the pool...which stung me AGAIN when I grabbed it (i know...) to figure out what was getting me. Nice.

But, we did have fun with Kristi and her little man! 

Clearly, Fridays and I have a love/hate relationship...


So glad for the weekend! We were lazy today and it was

Ok, technically, the men in the house were lazy. I was in overactive nesting mode and made a bunch of things for the freezer. YUM.

Look at that! We did go on a family walk after dinner :)


Hope y'all had a great week!

Up next: Weekly goals and menu plan!


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