Tuesday, August 19, 2014

9 Months!!

Ha! Did that title shock a few of you?!

No, there is not another Woyak in the picture. But, this little guy of ours hit 9 months old this month!!

Can you believe that?! I can't. Time flies faster now that I have three of these monkeys.

9 month check up - and bigger than all of 'em at this age!
He had his 9 month check up at the beginning of the month and he is doing FANTASTIC!! Remember me talking about the Ear Band-It that I got for Austin back in June? Well, thanks to having the best doctor ever - who doesn't just jump to surgery for a phase that we are going through and cares about his patients' needs/concerns - we NO LONGER need the ear plugs!!! Austin's ears are PERFECT!! We had a very thorough check-up and our doctor said to give it a try in the water without the ear plugs as he should be out of this funky stage. Guess what? We have been having a blast at the pool and everything for the past week and NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS!!! So, happy that we went with this solution (don't get me wrong...should he truly have needed the tubes, we would have gotten them...). And, I am very thankfully to have a happy baby who is back to 100%!

Praying...I mean playing...with his Rosary during our Religion part of our school mornings

Mad at Mama for locking all the cabinets...
This child gets into everything. Everything. It it opens, he takes whatever is in there out. If it closes, he almost always gets a finger stuck. If mommy says, "no," he laughs. If it is dangerous, interesting in any way, can break, or has something that catches his mischievous little eyes... He. Will. Get. It. The stinker doesn't quit. Sure, Andrew messed with a few things from time to time, but overall left it alone. Alex liked to mess with the outlets (How a Lego got stuck in one of the outlets and how he didn't get hurt is still beyond me. Clearly, his guardian angel rocks). But, this guy? Everything. EVERYTHING.
Loves to eat
And, when he isn't into everything... He is eating everything. Yes, we have added another bottomless pit to our family. And, yes, I know that this pit will only get bigger over time. Which is why we are now Costco members... Oh, my.

Loves the big boy toys
Loves being outside
Joined the "Got Milk" club this month :)

We just love this little guy. He is growing so fast! He still cruises while hanging on to things, but has recently added "brave" to his list of traits. He is starting to let go and stand for a few seconds. Only a matter of time. Only a matter of time... Stay little for just a bit longer, Mister. Or, at least don't let your first birthday sneak up on me. Speaking of that, I better get cracking. Three months. No, less than three months?? Oh, my. Time to grab a pencil and notebook!

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