Monday, August 25, 2014

Homeschool - Week 2

Week 2: The Glorious Flight / Letter B

Art: Working on their collage for letter B - cutting out things that start with B
Science: B is for...bird! The boys went birdwatching - complete with explorer hats and vests!
Zoo day - went to see all the birds with some friends
Math: B is for buildings and bricks. The boys guessed how many legos tall an item was, then measured it. We also made towers and measured those (big, bigger, biggest - like the planes in our FIAR book)

Religion: We also learned about St. Benedict of Nursia  - the patron saint of students

The boys really liked this week! They said that their favorite part was "school legos" - imagine that! The rest of the day they were busy measuring anything around the house. So cute!

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